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Dealer Admin, or, is a Cloud-based administrative portal that allows SecureCom Wireless dealers the ability to administer their customer's DMP panels, including CellComSLs and iComSLs.

The Dealer Admin site currently allows dealers to:

  • Add customers
  • Systems
  • Users and app users
  • Z-Wave devices
  • Videos
  • Program panels 
  • Remote update panels 
  • Activate cellular devices 
  • System analytics
  • XT & XR panel user code management
  • XT & XR panel schedule management
  • XR panel profile management
  • Remote firmware update dashboard
  • Replace panel
  • Reporting
  • Print programming
  • Restrict access of your technicians who use DMP's Tech APP
  • User auditing - see an up-to-date record of who has interacted with any of your systems

Customer Dashboard

When you log into the Dealer Admin website, a Customer Dashboard is displayed. Get important customer information at quick glance on one page without even having to click on the menu bar!

View important statistics such as:

  • Systems by model
  • Systems by connection type
  • Summary of total customers, systems, cameras, and app users
  • Systems that have never connected
  • Systems that haven't connected for 30 days (Attrition Feature)
  • Troubles in the last 24 hours
  • Alarms in the last 24 hours

And all the above stats can be filtered!

 Panel Programming 

Technicians now have the power to update and program from anywhere by logging into Programming is also available for the CellComSL and iComSL Series communicators. 

When a system is added to your Dealer Admin account, the navigation sidebar will display a Remote Update link. Choosing this option will allow the panel's firmware to be updated directly from SecureCom Wireless. Click on Update System, and the firmware update will initiate on your selected panel. For help with a section of programming, click on the question mark icon, and the programming guide will open with information on the section currently being programmed.

Network and EasyConnect are free updates; however, there is a charge for cellular. To view an updated SecureCom Wireless price list, log in to and scroll down to the SecureCom Wireless Data Plans.

Learn more about XT Panel Programming in this short video: