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The DMP Executive Dealer Roundtable is an event hosted by members of the DMP Executive Management Group including Owner & President, Rick Britton. The objective is to provide DMP Dealers with an opportunity to discuss best practices with other dealers or security personnel around the country. It consists of one and a half days of dealer discussions and presentations. Each topic is presented for approximately 10-20 minutes followed by another 20 minutes of discussion or a tabletop exercise. Most topics are presented or facilitated by other dealers. Topics cover a broad range of alarm industry issues.

These events are targeted to Owners, Senior Management, and Sales and Marketing Management personnel for DMP Dealers that are dealer three column and above.

Who should attend Roundtables?

These events are targeted to owners, senior management, and sales and marketing management personnel for DMP dealers who are Dealer Three (D3) Column and above.

What recent attendees are saying about the DMP Executive Dealer Roundtables:

"No other event that I have attended in over 30 years in the security trade can quite compare to what DMP has done with their DMP Dealer Roundtable event. They have been able to package in a day and a half an event that is guaranteed to have you excited about taking home at least 3 or 4 new ideas for improving your business, not to mention the value from meeting new dealers and DMP personnel. All in all, an event any DMP dealer would find well worth the investment." Dan McKimm, Protech Security, Canton, OH 

"This is a wonderful opportunity to meet new and old faces in our industry. There is nothing like hearing from others that you are doing something correctly, and it's even better when you also hear how to do it better." Nate Lay, Comtec Electronic Systems, Choctaw, OK

"The DMP Roundtable is a first class event that provides an alarm dealer with an opportunity to network with other alarm dealers in a non-competitive environment. The insights and ideas we've gained from these events have been invaluable in growing our business." Gene Earhart, Wellington Security, Edina, MN 

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As some of you already know, we have a private Facebook dealer group called “DMP Dealer Techs & Sales.” If you haven't already, we encourage you to join, especially after attending a roundtable so you can continue the conversations and gain insight into resolving technical issues. Click here to join

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