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DMP Dealers Direct

Dealers Direct is an opportunity for you to hear what DMP dealers are saying about their experience partnering with DMP. We ask dealers to sit down on camera and share their thoughts and stories with us. These are unscripted interviews that are typically filmed during Dealer Roundtable events or other dealer events. If you are thinking about switching to DMP or using DMP products for a new application in your business, there is no better way to guide your decision than hearing from DMP Dealers Direct.

Stanley Oppenheim, Owner of DGA Security Systems

DGA is the largest independent security company in New York City. Each security system that DGA installs is custom designed for the business that it protects, and every system is backed by our UL-listed, state-of-the-art monitoring center, located in midtown Manhattan. DGA helps protect NYC businesses of all sizes, from small startups to many of the city's best-known retail chains and landmarks, including jewelry stores, restaurants, hotels, museums, and banking and financial institutions.


Tyson Clayton, Vice President of Research and Development at Tel-Tec Security Systems, Inc.


Phil Roberts, Operations Manager at Fleenor Security Systems


Steve Kaufer, Owner of Maximum Security


Shayne Kahle, Sales Rep at Rueschoff Security Systems

John Bazyk, Director of Sales and Marketing at Command Corporation

Gene Earhart, President at Wellington Security Systems

Brent Dusenberry, Director of Operations at Standard Electronics

Art Morrison, Operations Manager at Protech Security

Roy Hernandez, General Manager at Valley Security & Alarm


Dave Sinclair, President at CEI Alarm

Rueben Orr, President & General Manager at Security Install Solutions, Inc.


Stephen Hicks, Regional Vice President at ADS Security

Scott Couch, Founder & President of STS Group

Mike Hackett, President & CEO of Hackett Security