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Three ways get free freight

Let DMP pay the freight on your future orders by taking advantage of one of the following three free domestic ground freight options:

Enroll in the DMP Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) program, reducing paperwork, simplifying administration, and speeding your orders.

Place a single order for $1,500 or greater. (Cannot combine multiple orders)

Purchase an average of $10,000 or more per month over the preceding 6 months. (Rolling average as of the 1st of each month)

All of these options are available to dealers with current accounts in good standing and open credit terms for domestic ground freight. COD and credit card terms don’t qualify. When you save money on freight, you add more profit to every sale!

Contact Customer Service at
1-866-266-2826 to enroll in the EFT program or to get more information about any of the DMP free-freight options. DMP reserves the right to select the carrier for free-freight orders.  

Click here
for the EFT Application.