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Available commands include:

  • Help: Get a list of available text commands
  • Arm / Disarm 
  • Home / Sleep / Away: Arm a residential panel using one of three armed statuses
  • Momentary: Text “mom”, then a space and an output number to activate a momentary contact (entry range = 1 to 6, 450 to 474, 480 to 499, 500 to 999), e.g. “mom 1”
  • On / Off: Type the command “ON” or “OFF”, then a space, then the output name or number to activate the output.
  • Status: Get a status report from the panel, e.g. “Ready”

Your customers will love the simple convenience delivered by MyAccess. You will love how simple it is to show them how MyAccess works. The MyAccess Demo is one more sales tool available from DMP.

To learn more about MyAccess features, please view the MyAccess Messaging videos.

MyAccess - Residential Version

MyAccess - Commercial Version