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Owners forum

Owners Forum Recap 

This invitation-only event takes place every year in Las Vegas the day before ISC West opens. Each year, we look forward to this special time when we meet with our top 50 dealers' executive management (owner, president, vice president).

The Owners Forum is an opportunity for like-minded executives and entrepreneurs to network and listen to industry acclaimed speakers who take the stage to present their successful findings.   The invitation list changes each year depending on the dealer’s place in the top 50 DMP list. If you are a DMP dealer and are expecting an invitation, you would receive it generally 2-3 months in advance of the ISC West Show commonly held in March or April. At DMP we sincerely welcome all dealers to strive to this level and be invited to this premiere event.

What recent attendees are saying about the DMP Owners Forum:

"The information I received at the DMP Owners Forum was valuable, and I was able to implement it immediately to help my business be more successful." Denise Mueller, Rancho Santa Fe Security Systems, Encinitas, CA

"I find the direct personal interaction with the DMP management team to be unique in our industry. Each member of the team is eager to discuss questions and concerns of their dealer network. They truly have an interest in my company." Kevin Mahoney, Mahoney Alarms Inc, Glens Fall, NY

"The DMP Owners Forum provided me with a wealth of information that will aide me in growing my business. It is great to be associated with a First Class Company such as DMP!" Eric Coleman, EEI Security, Inc., Tampa, FL

"I see the Owners Forum as becoming a must- attend annual event. The Owners Forum success is testimony not only to the value our partnership with DMP brings, but also the added benefit this forum presents in terms of networking and sharing with our fellow dealers. Priceless!" Dan McKimm, Protech Security, Canton, OH

"The Owners Forum is a great opportunity to meet with DMP executives and network with our peers in the industry in an educational and friendly atmosphere." Colin Ashburn, Superior Alarms, McAllen, TX

"If you're not at the (DMP) Owners Forum, your company will never reach it's full potential." Christopher Geymuller, Protection Networks, Dallas, TX.