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    DMP Sales Academy

Whether you’re in commercial or residential sales, this class is designed to “give you the words to say” when speaking to prospective customers. Sales Academy teaches solid sales success behaviors that will last a lifetime. You’ll learn to master the proper sales technique, have a positive attitude, be dedicated to prospecting, committed to practice, practice and more practice, and learn how to use your time efficiently.

Here's a preview of the training topics we'll cover:
Why DMP, Control Panel Family, Integrated Products and Add-Ons, Prospecting, Approach, Upselling, Needs Analysis, Value Selling, Closing, Handling Objections, Time Management and Sales Presentation.

The course cost is $995 per student and includes:

- 3 and 1/2 days of instruction and role-play

- 4-night hotel stay at the DoubleTree by Hilton

Daily transportation to/from DoubleTree to DMP

- Airport shuttle service to/from hotel

- Sales Academy challenge coin

- Online certificate

- Workbook

- Sales Academy backpack and jacket

- Lunches and breaks

This training event is targeted towards DMP dealer sales consultants who:

- are new to the industry.

-sell in the residential and/or small commercial space.

- want to improve their close rate on transactional selling.

- are looking to sharpen up their selling skills and DMP product feature knowledge.

- are looking to learn sales processes and techniques for their own selling program.

See what recent Sales Academy attendees are saying about it:

"Very well explained and I learned a lot about processes involved for creating a sales with the goal in mind for a close."

"I wish more of my company employees could have been here."

"I feel like there was so much information provided. Wish I could have another whole day to learn from Jack.    He is very knowledgeable and personable."

"Thank you for the time, effort and dedication at helping me improve my craft and be more successful."

"Informative and useful information. CCICC Method. The training gave me more confidence & tools to use to help become more successful."

"Jack, good afternoon. I hope all is well. I wanted to thank you again. I have been using your sales methods, and I have to say they are working well. My sales numbers are some of the best I’ve had. I am much more confident when presenting proposals and explaining the value not only with DMP but our other products as well."

"Quick story about one today. This customer has been with us for 20+ years and refused to pay for an alarm upgrade from an old LED keypad. I shared how DMP uses an alphanumeric keypad, and used the FFBBT method to explain "what this means for you is...”. Tied it down with another technique you recommend: "wouldn’t it be great to be able to just simply read the keypad instead of trying to decipher what a blinking #5 means. She said, "You are right. It's time for an upgrade," and signed the proposal right there! Then I just shut up. I got a customer to pay for an upgrade, who was refusing to pay anything at all. I know that isn’t a large sale, but I was impressed with how it all went down. Thanks again, Jack."

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