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The SCS-VR provides Central Stations with a software-only solution that runs on your servers operating as a virtual receiver for network IP and cellular IP alarm communications.  The highly reliable, high-functioning receiver manages all network and cellular alarm signals, supervision, and substitution messages without the maintenance, space, and power requirements of a comparable rack-mounted hardware receiver.

     The SCS-VR has earned the UL 1610 Classification, the “Standard of Safety for Central Station Alarm Units,” enabling monitoring centers to use it as either a primary receiver or backup to existing hardware receivers. Flexible product licensing options accommodate applications ranging from small network monitoring organizations to Central Stations monitoring thousands of accounts.  Advanced diagnostics with full data logging ensures reliable service and fast troubleshooting. Supports Microsoft® SQL Server® 2005 and 2008, with the ability to run on more than one server from the same database. AES encryption provides strong security.