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7800/9800 Series graphic touchscreen keypad

The newest keypad offering is the 7800 & 9800 Graphic Touchscreen Keypads.  They bring the familiar feel of a graphical interface to security-system operation, with all of the popular features provided by traditional DMP keypads. The Graphic Touch Screen Keypad provides end users with an easy to use, intuitive keypad that blends with any décor.  And, dealers can offer this incredibly cost-effective keypad to customers with their dealer logo and contact information displayed on the main screen. For the Spanish 7800 Touchscreen Keypad, click here.

All system features and functions can be accessed via the carousel menu on the large, 5-inch full-color touchscreen. It is a 4-wire, bus series, wired keypad compatible with the XT Series™ Burglary/Fire/Door Access Control panels.  Keypads are backward and forward compatible with the XT Series and the new XR150/350/550™ Series.  They also include a proximity reader option for codeless arming/disarming.


  • Slim profile in stylish glossy black or white finish to fit with any décor.
  • Big, bright 5-inch full-color resistive touchscreen display.
  • Interactive icons guide the user through system functions.
  • Compatible with the XT Series and the new XR150 | XR350 | XR550 Series.
  • Available in wired (7800) and wireless (9800)

Z-Wave® Compatibility

Add up to 232 Z-Wave devices with the 738Z module on the XT and XR150 | XR350 | XR550 Series Panels. Control your lights, locks, and thermostats all from the Carousel menu on the Graphic Touchscreen Keypad. Create Favorites to program multiple devices to respond to a single command or panel event like arming and disarming. This  event would control Z-Wave devices such as when arming the system, the thermostat lowers the temperature, doors lock and porch lights turn on. Energy metering capabilities are also supported for e.g. in the Lights screen, the icon for the energy metering module displays the current power usage of the connected device in Watts and below the accumulated usage in kilowatt-hours



The slim, new keypad is available in stylish gloss black or white in the following versions:

  • Model 7872:  Keypad with support for 4 zones and internal proximity device reader
  • Model 7873:  Supports zones, internal proximity device reader, Wiegand input and internal door strike
  • Model 9862:  Wireless keypad with support for internal proximity device reader.

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