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7800/9800 Series graphic touchscreen keypad

New Touchscreen Keypad Demo App for iPad!

Give your customers a first-hand look at all the key features and benefits of the DMP Touchscreen Keypad with the DMP Touchscreen Demo App on your iPhone or iPad. It’s a powerful sales and demonstration tool that lets you quickly and easily walk them through how great it will be to add a touchscreen keypad to their system.

The app lets you simulate all the most-often used features:

  • Arm Home/Sleep/Away
  • Exit/Enter
  • All perimeter
  • Fire & panic alarms
  • Carousel navigation
  • Z-Wave functions (thermostat, lock, and lights)
  • Cancel/Verify
  • Chime
  • Weather
  • Keypad color options

As they use the demo, they’ll get a real feel for how simple, useful, and elegant the keypad will be in their home, helping you make more sales.

Download the  DMP Touchscreen Demo App now to put a realistic demo of the Touchscreen Keypad on your iPhone or iPad to show your customers why it’s something they can’t live without!   

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The newest keypad offering is the 7800 & 9800 Graphic Touchscreen Keypads.  They bring the familiar feel of a graphical interface to security-system operation, with all of the popular features provided by traditional DMP keypads. The Graphic Touch Screen Keypad provides end users with an easy to use, intuitive keypad that blends with any décor.  And, dealers can offer this incredibly cost-effective keypad to customers with their dealer logo and contact information displayed on the main screen. For the Spanish 7800 Touchscreen Keypad, click here.

All system features and functions can be accessed via the carousel menu on the large, 5-inch full-color touchscreen. It is a 4-wire, bus series, wired keypad compatible with the XT Series™ Burglary/Fire/Door Access Control panels.  Keypads are backward and forward compatible with the XTL, XT and XR150/550™ Series.  They also include a proximity reader option for codeless arming/disarming.


  • Slim profile in stylish glossy black or white finish to fit with any décor.
  • Big, bright 5-inch full-color resistive touchscreen display.
  • Interactive icons guide the user through system functions.
  • Compatible with the XT Series and the new XR150 | XR550 Series.
  • Available in wired (7800) and wireless (9800)

Keypad Interface Reference

The slim, new keypad is available in stylish gloss black or white in the following versions:

  • Model 7872:  Keypad with support for 4 zones and internal proximity device reader
  • Model 7873:  Supports zones, internal proximity device reader, Wiegand input and internal door strike
  • Model 9862:  Wireless keypad with support for internal proximity device reader
  • Model 9862USB: Wireless keypad offering a mini USB power connection suitable for an end users & attachable desk stand legs

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